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Apr 24
Swantiques 6

Small Business Spotlight: Swantiques Pop-Up in Evanston

Antique and modern collide in what will be an exciting new addition to The Main at Evanston. Pop in to Swantiques Pop-Up shop, a curated and cool collection of one-of-a-kind antique, vintage, and mid-century modern pieces. Free parking will be available in the Retail Parking Garage, located in the alley... read more →
Apr 06
Apr 04

Do’s and Don’ts of Closet Organization

It could be something you do daily. Or maybe it’s something you put off as long as possible until you just can’t stand not being able to find your favorite black shirt a moment longer. Regardless of where you fall on the closet cleaning spectrum, the result is the same... read more →
Mar 30

A Guide to Easter Brunch in Evanston

There’s something memorable about that family meal on Easter Sunday. People are coming together all dressed up to celebrate and enjoy a delicious meal? Life doesn’t get much better than that. From benedicts and omelettes to some of the most amazing french toast you’ve ever tasted, the options for Easter... read more →
Mar 16

Small Business Spotlight: YoFresh Cafe in Evanston

Sometimes small business isn’t about doing what’s easy. Instead, it is about values. Faith. And making the community a better place. At least that’s the case for husband and wife duo Jean and Larry Murphy. The couple has owned Yo Fresh Cafe in Evanston for about three and a half... read more →
Mar 09

Redefining Life at The Main in Evanston

Some of history’s most profound thinkers spent their lives trying to define it. Google is home to literally thousands of quotes about it. And how can we forget the lovable view of Forrest Gump himself who coined the famous idea that it’s like a box of chocolates? Because ultimately it’s... read more →
Mar 02

Redefining Home at The Main in Evanston

It could be a person. Or a combination of people. It could be a place that takes you back to an easier time otherwise known as childhood when life was way more simple than anyone realized at the time. But mostly it’s the people. Mostly it’s the emotions. Mostly it’s... read more →
Feb 26
Feb 25
Main model

Redefining Unique at The Main in Evanston

It’s a well-known ideology that home is where the heart is. Home is a place where friends and family gather to celebrate any number of things (or nothing at all). Home is a place where you seek refuge after a long day. Home is a place to make your own.... read more →
Feb 17

Redefining Modern at The Main in Evanston

Quality. Craftsmanship. Authenticity. These are among the values of today’s modern generation. Because despite anything negative anyone wants to say about millennials, they are rapidly changing the way the world views luxury. They are passionate, they are energetic, and they are the future. That’s why Larry Alton from Forbes writes... read more →