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Sep 29

Two Ways To Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving

  Sometimes you want to decorate a few pumpkins without all the mess, right? Well, we have some “no-carve” pumpkin decorating ideas that are sure to get you into the spirit of the season.   Thumbtack Pumpkin Who knew thumbtacks could be so useful? Instead of carving, why not use... read more →
Sep 24

Enjoy the Beauty of Dawes Park This Weekend

  Do you feel that? Yes, it’s finally autumn, which means that it’s time for sweater weather, warm drinks, and time spent absorbing the crisp autumn air. Did you know that you live near one of the best parks in the Evanston area? That’s right. If you have yet to... read more →
Sep 18

The Best New Restaurant in Evanston

  Sometimes going out to eat can start to become a bit dull, especially when you’re always eating at the same restaurants. While it is nice to have tried-and-true favorites, being in a cultural hotspot like Evanston means you have access to a multitude of culinary options. One of the... read more →
Sep 13

Find Your Community at The Main at Evanston

When it comes to building an apartment community, The Main in Evanston has you covered. From an entertainment area to a fitness center, we’ve made sure to create a friendly and safe place where you can feel comfortable.   Join your neighbors or gather your pals on the landscaped terrace... read more →
Aug 31

Weekend Events to Add To Your Calendar

  Tired of doing the same old thing every weekend? Why not switch it up by checking out some of the wonderful events Evanston has to offer?   On Saturday, September 10 from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm, be sure to head out to The Downtown Evanston Farmers Market. Here,... read more →
Aug 17
Aug 03

Best Place in Evanston to Watch the Summer Olympics

  Didn’t make plans to see the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this year? That’s alright because there are still plenty of places to watch one of the most exciting sporting events in the history of sports! Gather up your friends because it’s time to cheer on all of your... read more →
Jul 30

Watch Movies in the Park this August

  Even though August is right around the corner, it’s not too late to plan some fun things to do with the family. There’s nothing like watching a film outdoors in the park under a sparkling Evanston sky, so why not make your way to any number of parks in... read more →
Jul 14

3 Refreshing Drink Recipes for Your Next Summer Party

  It’s officially summer so maybe you’re thinking about hosting an outdoor gathering or maybe you’ve been invited to a summer party. Whatever your reasoning, you can take it to the next level, including impress your friends, with these refreshing drink recipes.   Iced Sparkling Honey-Lime Red Tea Brew red... read more →
Jun 27

Gear Up for Fourth of July in Evanston

Yes, Fourth of July is right around the corner and celebrating Independence day in Evanston is an experience like none other. This year’s Fourth of July theme is “The Fourth Awakens!” Bring your lawn chairs and line up along Central Street beginning at 2 pm on July 4th. Enjoy live... read more →